Soe Listings — Is There A Business Case For Africa?

This note is a follow-on analysis to the World Bank’s Listing State-Owned Enterprises in Emerging and Developing Economies Report (2021). It is based on the fndings of the report and identifes the strengths, weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats (SWOT) for listing state-owned enterprises (SOEs) across Africa. Given the continent’s rich diversity, we do not aim to provide an in-depth analysis but highlight a few, selected cross-continental trends.

For any country-specifc recommendations, further analysis will need to be conducted. Finally, we would like to note that neither the report nor this note intends to advise governments on whether or not they should divest their SOEs. Rather, our objective is to evaluate whether the listing route could be one potential mechanism for implementing SOE divestments, once the decision to divest has been made.

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