24th ASEA annual conference

24th ASEA annual conference

About the 24th ASEA annual conference


Virtual conference on 24 to 25 November, 2021


Financial markets, key driver of the African emergence

Optimism is clearly rising about the ability of the global economy to bounce back strongly after the pandemic. The road to recovery is still fragile however and the pandemic will certainly leave a legacy of higher debt for governments, weaker balance sheets for the private sector and state-owned enterprises as well as numerous missed opportunities and delayed projects.

African countries will have to mobilize much-needed capital, in particular through alternative and innovative mechanisms, which we collectively need to diversify and deepen.

The benefits of efficient and vibrant capital markets in any economy are notorious among industry experts. In addition to helping companies raise money to expand and providing investment opportunities to institutional investors and individuals, capital markets are key to supplementing the role of banks.

Likewise, developed financial markets can play a crucial role in promoting sustainable economic development and good corporate governance principles, among listed companies and investors. This pivotal role of capital markets is not sufficiently recognized, however, to entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers in Africa. Developing capital markets in Africa is not an easy task and requires the active participation of multiple institutions to ensure the efficiency and safety.

In line with ASEA’s strategic objectives, the conference will focus on highlighting how African capital markets and securities exchanges can help with:

  • Accelerating post-covid economic recovery
  • Financing governments and the continent’s infrastructure
  • Helping state-owned enterprises finance their development and diversify their financing sources
  • Mobilizing the much-needed capital to help develop SMEs seeking business expansion opportunities and employment creation
  • Supporting structural transformations and African economic integration
  • Encouraging innovation and financial inclusion

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Nov 24 - 25 2021


All Day