CASE implements ARQA Technologies exchange platform on Tajikistan financial market

The Central Asian Stock Exchange (CASE) has taken a step forward in enhancing its technological infrastructure with the implementation of QUIK software, developed by ARQA Technologies. This integration marks a pivotal moment for CASE as it solidifies its position as the primary venue for the organized financial market of Tajikistan, ARQA Technologies disclosed on April 1.

At the core of this technological advancement is the successful collaboration between CASE and ARQA Technologies, which began with ARQA’s participation and subsequent victory in the exchange’s tender process to replace its existing trading platform. The selection of QUIK software reflects CASE’s commitment to optimizing its operations and catering to the specific needs of Tajikistan’s financial market.

With nearly 25 years of experience in building high-load systems for financial markets and working with leading exchanges worldwide, ARQA Technologies brings a wealth of expertise to the table. The implementation of QUIK software serves as the matching core of CASE, facilitating various functions such as receiving and processing client instructions, distributing market data, and organizing online pre-trade risk management.

Moreover, QUIK desktop terminals are provided to all exchange participants, ensuring seamless access to trading activities. The versatility of the new technological platform extends beyond equities trading, as it also supports primary placements on the public debt market of Tajikistan.

Umeda Rakhmanova, Director of CASE, expressed gratitude to ARQA Technologies for providing a “technically innovative software solution” that aligns with the exchange’s long-term goals. Rakhmanova highlighted the importance of selecting a solution that guarantees stability and scalability to accommodate future growth and development.

Ilya Prokopenko, Director of Sales & Marketing at ARQA Technologies, emphasized the smooth implementation process, attributing it to the company’s prior experience and collaborative efforts with the CASE team. Prokopenko underscored ARQA’s commitment to further expand and enhance the technological platform provided to CASE.

Looking ahead, CASE and ARQA Technologies have ambitious plans for the exchange infrastructure, including the establishment of a secondary market for bonds and the expansion of trading services across various sectors of the securities market.